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A look back and a look forward - One Year of Vertical Gallery

Posted on March 29, 2014 by Patrick Hull

As we approach our one-year anniversary on April 5th, we would like to take a moment to thank everyone for their support this past year. Since we moved here from San Francisco a few weeks before our opening in March 2013, we haven’t had much of a chance to slow down to reflect on each show.

To each of the artists that has shown in our gallery, a very big thank you, we wouldn’t be here without you: Dont Fret, Left Handed Wave, Hebru Brantley, Tiptoe, Jourdon Gullett, Justin Markin, Dan Hojnacki, Laura English, Nice One, Clam Nation, Erik Lundquist, Uriel Correa, Courtney Simone De Montfort, Ryan Geiger, Vincent Grech, Chris Silva, Tom Buban, Alex Yanes, Jenny Robinson, Michael Rodriguez, Ben Frost, My Dog Sighs, C215, Joseph Martinez, Simon WG Butler, Kim Alsbrooks, Pixel Stud, Audrey Heller, Maria Krouglianskaia, John Fekner, Jef Aérosol , XOOOOX , Zeus, David Soukup, FAKE, Jeremy Novy, Rene Gagnon, F63, Epyon5, That Stencil Guy, AIKO, Dmitry Samarov, Ian Ferguson, Julie Murphy, Steve Seeley, Jimmy Bunnyluv, Anthony Freda, Dave Pressler, David Cooper, El Gato Chimney, Hernan Paganini, Klub7, Raudiel Sanudo, Ruel Pascual, Fernando Chamarelli, Never2501, Casey Gray, Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman, Max Rippon (RIPO), Word to Mother, Mary Iverson, Ferris Plock, Chad Hasegawa, REKA, Skewville, Stormie Mills, Andrew Poneros, Justin Penov, Greg Gossel, Jim Houser, Cope 2 & Indie184, Philip Lumbang, Denial, Jason Bryant, Dave Pressler, Lucx, Mike Ruta, Steve Seeley, Forsaken, Sentrock, Adam DeVarney, Helena Ecija Martinez, JC Rivera, T-money, Marcelo Eli, Czr Prz, Robert Donis, E LEE, Jake Castro, Dusty Rabjohn, !CHONGO!, Nate Otto, Juan Chavez, Nicholaus Jamieson, Paul Stacey, Adam Lundquist, Nick Fury, Charlie Megna, yoki, Priya Shah, Saro, Courtney Howell, Revise, Yams, Ben Giska, Ali 6, Stevie Dread, and Peter Kepha, and Grant William Thye.

To all of our neighbors, friends, collectors, and press, we can’t thank you enough for your support.

As we enter Year 2, we are excited to bring you our one-year anniversary show PAPER JAM in partnership with Australian print-house StupidKrap and curated by artist Ben Frost; solo shows with Stinkfish, XENZ, Never2501, My Dog Sighs, Greg Gossel, Dhear One; a couple exciting group shows; and a few art fairs around the country.

We will be expanding our secondary market work on our website this year. If you’re looking for a piece from an artist or have work for sale, please contact us. We currently have work available from Shepard Fairey, Ben Eine, ROA, Faile, Dolk, Beejoir, Anthony Lister, Static, Mau Mau, Hush, Sickboy, RYCA, Word To Mother, FAKE, Zevs, Mighty Mo, Phil Lumbang, and more.

Sign up for our email below, or send us an email with your mailing address and we’ll send you show postcards. Thanks again.

Best wishes,

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