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        News — T-Money

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        New artist feature

        We have also introduced four new artists to our online gallery. PEZ, Scott Cooper, ALI 6, and T-Money. All work is available to view at the gallery as well. Here is a little more about each artist:

        PEZ: PEZ is a Spanish graffiti artist. He started painting graffiti in 1999 in his hometown Barcelona. Specifically, he got into street art writing his signature, which soon took the shape of a fish. His works appear in the best-known street art books such as Street Logos, Art of Rebellion, and Street Art. His work also appears in documentaries such as: "Bomb It-The Movie", Muros Libres",” Free Walls" and "A Primer on Urban Painting". He has exhibited in Bogotá, Barcelona, Hamburg, Paris, London, NY, Portland, Miami and Los Angeles. Click here to view available work from PEZ.

        Scott Cooper: Scott is a video artist, illustrator, and painter. Originally from San Francisco, he recently moved to Copenhagen. He has exhibited in California, Oregon and Hawaii. Scott was recently featured in Eight magazine. Click here to view available work from Scott.

        ALI 6: Not much is known about this Chicago based street artist, but his work can be seen all around the city. Street Style Chi recently interviewed him, and Complex recently named him one of their favorite Chicago Street Artists. ALI 6 participated in our holiday skate deck show, and his 2-deck piece sold opening night. Click here to view available work from ALI 6.

        T-Money: Another artist on Complex’s top 10 Chicago Street Artists, T-Money is a self-taught artist who works primarily with markers and draws inspiration for his cartoon doodles from all forms of art. Click here to view available work from T-Money.

        We are open Tues – Sat, 11a – 6p, or by appointment.