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        News — ETNIK

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        ETNIK featured in "2 for 2" two-year anniversary show

        Leading up to our big 2-year anniversary show, we're going to share bios on each of the participating artists with a preview of one of their works for the show.

        Today we feature ETNIK: Etnik is an Italian-Swedish street artist. Etnik developed his artistic talent living in Florence in the 80’s before he was attracted to the underground culture of graffiti art. While his studio is in Florence, his work takes him further abroad in Europe, and also to America, where he searches for the most innovative scenes.

        Ten years ago he began his current project, his “Prospective Cities” series, which defines the majority of his work today. Each work imagines a different floating ‘3-D’ city, amidst a changing sea of shapes, colors, and perspective. The artist sees the city as the theater of his actions and as the subject of his art. The result is a production that mixes fantasy with a critical interpretation of big urban environments and their peculiar constructions.

        Etnik has exhibited in Rome, Paris, Berlin, Munich, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Monaco and Torino. He participated in our ARTmageddon holiday group show and we are excited to feature his work in our 2 year anniversary show. Keep posted for an upcoming mural in Chicago!

        Follow Etnik on Instagram: ALESSANDROETNIK