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        ROA "In Limbo" in New York City

        ROA "In Limbo" in New York City

        Krause Gallery & Vertical Gallery Announce ROA "In Limbo" in New York City

        Krause Gallery, New York City, in conjunction with Vertical Gallery, Chicago, is thrilled to announce renowned graffiti and street artist ROA’s first New York City show in over a decade. With only one show a year, and a commitment to his craft with a no-print, no-edition code, don’t miss the rare opportunity to view ROA’s new works. The show will feature a dozen original pieces hand-painted on metal or wood; created in homage to both creature and habitat. A limited number of signed books will also be available at the gallery and online. Show opens Thursday, October 20 at Krause Gallery. Artist Reception 5-8pm.


        ROA, originally from Ghent Belgium, is one of the early pioneers in a now vibrant urban art scene in Belgium. He has created works on the streets of cities across Europe, the United States, Australia, Asia, New Zealand and Africa. He is known for painting large scale murals of wild or urban animals and birds using a minimal color palette. Many depict the inner workings of the creatures, detailing bones, and organs with technical perfection, while offering mutual respect both to the creatures, and their spaces and surroundings. ROA uses his artistry to create community and conversation by touching upon such universal themes as life and death, beauty and decay.

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        General Information

        Krause Gallery
        149 Orchard Street.
        New York, NY 10002

        Wednesday – Saturday 12am to 6pm or by appointment

        ROA in Chicago

        ROA in Chicago

        We were very excited to have ROA come visit us in Chicago last week.

        ROA is an artist from Ghent, Belgium whose work has often been recorded and photographed, but very little is known about the artist and even less is documented. He is primarily known for his strong obsession of animals and rodents. He often combines life, death, and life after death in his murals, which quickly distinguishes him amongst traditional muralists. His animals are painted to include skeleton and internal organs, making the sight even more realistic.

        ROA’s work can be seen on the streets around the world. His anonymity has kept his work and his spirit free.

        This amazing new mural is located on N Mendell and Armitage. Here is the finished artwork, along with some progress shots below. Stay posted for a bigger ROA - Vertical Gallery collaboration in 2018!

        In progress photos: