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Jana & JS add to the Chicago street art scene

Posted on April 16, 2016 by Patrick Hull

Jana & JS were in Chicago March 27 - April 3 for our Three Year Anniversary show (also featuring Expanded Eye and STATIC). Even though the weather was quite extreme that week, they were able to spend some time on the streets and put up some work.

On the side of Scone City at 1632 W Division...


On the side of 4722 W Fullerton...

On the front of 4722 W Fullerton...

Thanks to Jana & JS! We hope to have them back again when the weather is warmer.

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Ben Eine at Columbia College October 21

Posted on October 09, 2015 by Patrick Hull

Ben Eine will be speaking at Columbia College on October 21. It is free and open to the public.

Event: Big Walls with Ben Eine
Date: Wednesday, October 21st
Time: 6pm ...
Location: 618 S. Michigan Floor, 2nd Floor, Stage Two

Ben Eine, one of the leading street artists in the world, recently unveiled his “Harmony” installation, a 230-foot work on the University Center of Chicago wall at 525 S. State Street. His massive work with his iconic circus font generated a tremendous positive response and critical acclaim.

On Wednesday, October 21st at 6pm Ben will discuss his creative journey, reflect on the importance of street art, and discuss the future of the Wabash Arts Corridor.

Sponsored by Columbia College Chicago, Vertical Gallery and the University Center of Chicago.

Contact patrick@verticalgallery.com if you have any questions.

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Hebru Brantley Artist Talk Video

Posted on June 19, 2015 by Patrick Hull

Thank you to everyone that joined us for the Hebru Brantley artist talk, hosted by Kevin Coval, on June 10. Here is the complete interview (42:12).

Hebru Brantley, Memoirs of the Minimum Wage, is June 6 - 28, 2015.

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Hebru Brantley at Vertical Gallery June 2015

Posted on May 22, 2015 by Patrick Hull

Hebru Brantley was born and raised in Chicago. A product of the 80's, Brantley's early inspiration to create visual art derived from the cinematic Blaxploitation and science fiction depicted in the previous decade. His affinity for mythological comic book heroes, Japanimation, and graffiti has strongly influenced his work, and eventually, he began fusing elements of urban society with pop culture. From that, he developed his own unique style: Afro-Futurism.

Afro-futurism takes a multidisciplinary approach to visual art, layering youthful expression with human emotion, history, and the complexities and challenges of urban life. Brantley creates his work spontaneously and uses an array of mediums such as wood, found objects, spray paint, coffee and tea.

While refining his craft, he earned his BA in Film in Atlanta and went on to design and illustrate for media production and clothing companies. From there, he began to transition from graffiti to canvas, making a name for himself in the contemporary art scene of Atlanta. Chicago continues to be Brantley’s home base, but he enjoys the opportunity to work all over the world.

Vertical Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition with Hebru Brantley. Memoirs of the Minimum Wage runs June 6 – 28, 2015, with an opening reception on Saturday, June 6, 6-10pm. In his visual survey of growing up in middle-class America, Brantley will show sketches, watercolors, paintings and sculptures that incite us to challenge the norm and question that on which we place value in society.

Contact Patrick at Vertical Gallery to receive the collector's preview.

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Xenz at Fluorescent Smogg in Barcelona

Posted on April 29, 2015 by Patrick Hull

Vertical Gallery's very good friend Xenz has a very special solo exhibition opening at Fluorescent Smogg in Barcelona this week. Go to www.fluorescentsmogg.com for more details.

Xenz: The Moon On A Stick
Opening Event: Thursday 30th April, 7-11pm
Project Space, Carrer de Radas 41, T2, Poble Sec 08004, Barcelona

Fluorescent Smogg is pleased to announce a site-specific showcase of meditative work by London-based artist Xenz. The Moon On A Stick presents a new series of focused monochromatic illustrations and marks a brief departure from the artist’s vibrant idiosyncratic style.

The peculiarities of our ever-evolving landscape continue to inspire the city native, with the exhibition coinciding with the May full moon and emergence of a new season. Xenz extends his line of enquiry to explore the effects the lunar cycle has on various natural elements surrounding us, including the water and tides as well as our own involuntary and habitual responses. The hand-finished body of work was inspired by wildlife courtship rituals and innate survival instincts, drawing stark similarities between that of our natural environment and humanistic tendencies. The reflective painter displays a confident array of distinctive mark-making within each piece, confidently smearing and retracting paint to leave impressionistic markers reminiscent of Asian art influences.

Xenz’s opulent wildlife scenes are replaced with a stripped-back colour palette, creating arresting compositions that highlight our post-industrial landscape with dreamlike execution. Bridging the gap between graffiti and decorative fine art, Xenz’s work is both grounded in the present and provides a welcome escapism from contemporary routine. The contemplative artist addresses themes of identity, relationship, success and competition increasingly associated with modern life, and presents a pensive look at the current state of things.

The Moon On A Stick celebrates Xenz’s debut collaborative venture with Fluorescent Smogg, featuring a five-colour screenprint (edition of 25), hand-finished special edition (edition of 5), and a super limited box set edition of A3 black and white prints with an original sketch (edition of 4). The multifaceted print release will be accompanied by a unique site-specific takeover of the Barcelona project space, extending ideas intrinsic to the print’s development and incorporating a series of unique artworks. A limited run of black and white show posters will also be available to purchase exclusively on the opening night.



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