Vertical Gallery is open Thursday - Saturday, noon-5pm or by appointment.
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        Vertical Gallery is very excited to have Thinkspace back to curate their third group show with us in Chicago. "LAX/ORD III: Growing the Focus" will run October 9 - 30.

        This special exhibition will feature a in-gallery mural by Langston Allston, plus 3 small works from each of the following artists:
        Abigail Goldman
        Ayobola Kekere-Ekun
        Brian “Dovie” Golden
        Hanna Lee Joshi
        Huntz Liu
        Imon Boy
        Jack Shure
        Jolene Lai
        Josh Keyes
        Kevin Peterson
        Langston Allston
        Mark Jeffrey Santos
        Reen Barrera
        Scott Listfield
        Sean Banister
        Sergio Garcia
        Super A
        Tosin Kalejaye
        Victoria Cassinova
        Willem Jacques Hoeffnagel
        Yosuke Ueno
        Yumi Yamazaki

        * masks and social distancing required
        Opening Day: Saturday, October 9 from 12-6pm

        There is a long list of guidelines for this show, so please read if you plan on attending:

        Works will be available for in-person sales first, the day of the exhibition. There will be NO digital preview before we open the doors on Saturday, October 9. NO pre-sales of any kind.

        There will be a limit of one work per artist, per patron / couple / household. There is no holding space in line for more people - they will need to get at the back of the line when they arrive. We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone we feel is a "line sitter".

        Small groups of 8 will be welcomed in at a time to browse the show and make their purchases. Once all sales are completed, the next small group will be allowed in. 

        Any works unsold during the opening reception, will be offered for sale the week following the opening at (Monday, October 11th, around 9am Central).

        Payment by credit card with chip only and have a photo ID that matches the credit card, or cash. Chicago sales tax of 10.25% added to all orders placed in-person at the gallery. If we are shipping artwork, all work will ship at the end of the exhibition. USA shipping rates range from $45 - $85, depending on size of the work. International shipping is $95 - $160.

        Buyer agrees they will not, under any circumstances, offer The Artwork through an art fair or public auction for a three (3) year period (the “Non-Resale Period”) starting from the date of the purchase. Full details listed below.*

        All works featured in the show are 16x20 inches (40x50 cm) or smaller.

        For those of you planning to arrive early: It is supposed to be a nice day on Saturday! The sun shines on our side of the street in the morning, so it can get quite warm. (But this is Chicago, so check the forecast before you come over.) Parking is free on N. Western Ave. There is no public restroom in the gallery, but there are coffee shops and gas stations in the neighborhood.

        LAX/ORD III: Growing the Focus
        curated by Thinkpsace
        October 9 - 30, 2021
        Vertical Gallery, 1016 N. Western Ave., Chicago
        Opening day: Saturday, October 9, 12-6pm


        * Buyer agrees they will not, under any circumstances offer The Artwork through an art fair or public auction for a three (3) year period (the “Non-Resale Period”) starting from the date of the purchase. Artwork is also sold on the condition that, during the Non-Resale Period, The Buyer will not offer the Artwork for a private sale to a third party other than by offering Thinkspace Projects a first right of refusal to carry out this sale.

        The Purchaser and the Seller agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Purchaser accepts without reservation upon payment in total or in part of the Artwork or acceptance of the Sale by any means.

        After the three (3) year period, if the Collector sells The Artwork, we ask that The Artist receive 10% of any profits earned over original asking price.


        Thank you! See you Saturday!