Vertical Gallery is open Thursday - Saturday, noon-5pm or by appointment.
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        “Head Hand Heart” is the first show curated for Vertical Gallery by Belgian artist Ephameron. The contributing eight international artists have been carefully selected for their works that balance on the edge between fine arts and pop culture. The exhibition is August 6 – 27, 2016, with an opening reception on Saturday, August 6, 6-10pm.

        Aidan Koch (US), Atelier Bingo (FR), curator Ephameron (BE), Louis Reith (NL), Chicago local Matthew Hoffman (US), Nigel Peake (UK), Renil (BE), Nathaniel Russell (US) and Riikka Sormunen (FI) are faced with the choice between autonomous and applied arts continuously: working on commissions for advertising agencies one day, making an illustration for a newspaper the next, self-publishing a comic book or creating art for a brand new exhibition. Where some art critics argue that a painting should only refer to itself, the artists in this exhibition deliberately forgo the idea of a single art concept and balance between graphic techniques and fine arts, telling their stories in each work or series, coherent or not, expressive and innovative. They are able to present us the versatility and richness of illustrative art - a progressive and sensitive world in which you can read images like words and find personal meaning in the multitude of colors, figures and compositions.

        For “Head Hand Heart” the boundaries of the image are pushed, whether it be abstract or figurative, to create an insightful exhibition where choices are made by head, hand or heart – or all three together.

        Aidan Koch (US):
        Atelier Bingo (FR):
        Ephameron (BE):
        Louis Reith (NL):
        Matthew Hoffman (US):
        Nathaniel Russell (US):
        Nigel Peake (UK):
        Renil (BE):
        Riikka Sormunen (SE):

        About the curator:
        Ephameron (Eva Cardon) graduated in Fine Arts and Illustrative Design, and currently teaches at two art colleges in Belgium while working on her PhD in the Visual Arts. Her narrative work explores a sensitive side of the world, where the small and intimate dramas of life are documented. She has published her illustrations in many newspapers and magazines like the New York Times, De Standaard, De Tijd and Knack Weekend. She also curates and participates in group and solo shows all over the world.

        Head Hand Heart, curated by Ephameron
        August 6 – 27, 2016
        Opening reception Saturday, August 6, 6-10pm
        Vertical Gallery, 1016 N Western Ave., Chicago