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        Mankind is currently experiencing a period of planetary transition. Countless ancient civilizations have made reference to this period, which is the completion of a major cosmic cycle. It is arguably the best cosmic cycle mankind will experience, because we will become witnesses of and servants to the biggest transformation of consciousness imaginable. In the near future, there will be a crossroads that will alter and influence life on Earth. This is the pinnacle of great global change, which will attune us with the fourth dimension, making contact with higher powers a possibility.

        In his first solo exhibition in Chicago, Fernando Chamarelli is showing a new body of work featuring his universe of fantasies and feelings. It is created from ten pillars: spirituality, mysticism, history, symbolism, mythology, occultism, philosophy, astrology, anthropology, and geometry. The young Brazilian artist uses vibrant colors and many other visual elements to create images of the intriguing creatures who inhabit his mind.

        Chamarelli has exhibited extensively in North and South America, as well as in Europe. After his sold out exhibition in Los Angeles in 2011, the artist returns to the United States for another exciting solo exhibition.

        AMONG PHOTONS will be open to the public October 12 - November 9.

        Click here to view all work available at Fernando Chamarelli's Among Photons exhibition.