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        Chicago artist Daniel Hojnacki began to get very innovative in his approach to photography about three years ago. He started to experiment by printing on tape, spackled paper, candle wax and other “industrial, mundane materials,” and was very excited by the results. His experimental mixed media techniques have enriched his current body of work, Don’t Let Go, which is largely about family, past, and reflection. Opening September 7, Daniel’s solo show will feature all new work and a gallery specific installation– all of which pushes the boundaries of the digital medium.

        The artist spends a lot of time reading, looking at other artists’ work, traveling, and spending time with family, all of which serve to fuel his aesthetic. “There’s always a visual image instilled in my head”, Hojnacki says. “Sometimes it’s there in front of me, and sometimes I make it myself out of old photographs. I have sketches, but much of my work comes more from words”

        His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, the Pingyao International Photography Festival in Pingyao, China and David Weinberg Photography’s The Coat Check Gallery in Chicago. Hojnacki received his BA in photography from Columbia College of Chicago in 2011.

        Daniel's show will be on view until October 5, 2013.