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        Vertical Gallery is proud to present the debut US show for Bristol, UK based artist Copyright. FABLES is an introspective exhibition examining themes of life, birth and death. By embracing the vibrancy of life, or the overwhelming sadness of loss, it is a special exhibition about the duality of inner feelings. The exhibition is March 5 - 26, 2016, with an opening reception on Saturday, March 5, 6-10pm.

        Copyright’s work has evolved from street art. Even with that aesthetic, it borrows more from renaissance in its composition and mood, creating a new vs old visual on a timeless subject. Using iconography and symbolism to create mini narratives, these paintings visualize our inner rationalizations of life, by staring in the face of death.

        Copyright has been daubing the streets of the UK with his trademark pink roses for years. Fusing street art, graffiti and more traditional styles, he uses a mixture of classic painting techniques and spray can art. He creates print styles with stencils, depth with spray paint, and texture with a paintbrush.

        His paintings represent ideals from the modern world and culture, portrayed within classic imagery of simple beauty, often depicted by butterflies, flowers and beautiful women. His pictures represent a contradiction of idealism and unattainable visions of beauty found in fashion, music and popular culture.

        Over the last decade Copyright has been invited to show his work worldwide, including sell out solo shows in London and Tokyo. Most recently his Precious Damage show which saw him sell all 50 works in 3 hours. He was asked to design the cover of Reload Magazine to go alongside a feature about his art, as well as pieces in Harpers Bazaar, Teen Vogue and Modart, amongst others. He was featured on Series 8 of the BBC show ‘The Apprentice’ in May 2012 after being selected by the contestants as part of a task based on street art. His highly stylized work and unique style has proven popular with both national and international collectors including a number of celebrities and Premier League footballers.

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