Vertical Gallery is open Thursday - Saturday 12-5, or by appointment
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        Incubus frontman and visual artist Brandon Boyd appears in a launch and signing event to celebrate the Mid-west debut of his art game, Deux Portes / Two Doors: An OptiMystic Memory Game on Saturday, April 13th, 3 - 6pm. The game consists of pairing and matching cards based upon his popular watercolor series, 'Portals'.

        Games, books & small original works will be for sale and showcased.

        Vertical Gallery welcomes Artist + Musician
        Brandon Boyd
        Saturday, April 13th, 3 - 6pm
        Vertical Gallery, 1016 N. Western Ave., Chicago

        About Brandon Boyd:

        Brandon Boyd’s work as a singer, songwriter, both as a solo artist and with his platinum-selling rock band, is well documented and universally acclaimed. But now his other life’s work -- that of a painter -- has been garnering increasing attention and devoted audiences of its own.

        In his painting and drawings, Boyd reveals a personal, freeform, ambiguous kind of visual style that focuses on magic, serendipity, curiosity and mystery. Describing his art-making process as a kind of “blissful, familiar trance,” Boyd’s works carry both the evidence of the beautiful chaos and the power of revealing the narratives inside of it. His images are constructed by chance through colorful ink spills and the contents of his own travel journals. As songs might come to him in a dream, so he discovers the vibrant, witty, eccentrically classical constellations of shape and circumstance that hide in plain view or emerge from his own quieted mind through another kind of sight.

        Boyd has published three books of his visual art: White Fluffy Clouds (2003), From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss (2007), and So the Echo (2013). Among dozens of book signings, group and solo exhibitions, special collaborative projects, and engaged philanthropic arts, Boyd has shown his crisp, expressive paintings, prints, and drawings at cities across the globe in group and solo exhibitions. This includes a collaboration with Tom’s Shoes at Undefeated in Los Angeles, Juxtapoz Magazine’s Anniversary Group Exhibition; special projects at LACMA; Artists for Haiti at Track 16 Gallery; a solo exhibition and mural at Hurley’s )( Space; and participated in gallery exhibitions from West Hollywood to Cologne, San Francisco to Rome.