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        Word to Mother "Let Love Lead The Way"

        Vertical Gallery is very pleased to present "Let Love Lead The Way", an exhibit of paintings by British artist Word To Mother

        For this exhibition WTM examines the benefits of a positive mindset, focusing on moments of happiness and kindness through the lens of primitive, animated characters inspired by 1930's cartoons.  Appreciation of optimism and joy is celebrated with simply realized, early animated animal forms.  Painted over the last two years in his seaside studio, the works are split into two bodies; salvaged pieces and layered paintings, both feature characters that are all united in their attitude of perseverance and positivity.

        Surfaces that have been in WTM's personal collection since 2004 have been selected to use for this exhibit.  Salvaged objects, rusted metal surfaces and vintage wooden patinas make the perfect backdrop to WTM's early animation characters, executed in a limited palette with minimal use of gold leaf.

        Painted, textured pieces with gestural marks and layers of illustrations form the surfaces of the contrasting pieces, where WTM's unique line work is seen freely exploring the happiness that the character forms are seeking to express.  In this group of painterly pieces the progression and maturity in WTM's work is evident.  His freedom of line is embraced and his continuation to explore the depths of nostalgia and basic human emotion is realized through his character interpretations and care free layered painting. 

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