Vertical Gallery is open Thursday - Saturday, noon-5pm or by appointment.
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        Wingchow is a Richmond-based artist whose work can easily be recognized through the use of distinct amorphous forms. These colorful abstractions stem from an original interest in human viscera- a visual metaphor for the parts of us that we do not see. Together, these strange and alluring shapes create an organic matter that can either remain abstract or take shape in the figurative.

        Winchow’s work is influenced by nature, mystery, magic, playtime, spiritual leanings, and day-to-day life. They aim to inspire the viewer's imagination through an exciting exploration of color and form – to beautify the spaces and communities they reside in – and to stay open to constant evolution and flow. 

        Wingchow graduated from the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Painting and Printmaking in 2014, and expanded into the world of public art in 2017. Wingchow has since painted works in Virgina, Helsinki, Miami and the DC edition of international mural festival POW! WOW! Her work was also exhibited in the annual New Waves show at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art.

        'Water The Plants!' Portfolio Print Set 'Water The Plants!' Portfolio Print Set
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