Vertical Gallery is open Thursday - Saturday, noon-5pm or by appointment.
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        "Wag Your Tail!"

        Vertical Gallery presents "Wag Your Tail!" a charity art show to benefit One Tail at a Time Shelter. The show runs August 5 - 26, 2023.

        The show features new artwork from:

        Adam Augustyn, AJ Ainscough, Ana Fuentes, Andrew Ghrist, Angel Onofre, Aris Moore, Bird Milk, Blake Jones, Conrad Javier, Cristi López, Dave De Leeuw, Delisha, DJ Auld, Graham Franciose, Hama Woods, Hannah Eddy, James Eastwood, Jerkbeard, Joseph Renda Jr., John Rego, Juliet Schreckinger, Julieta XLF, Kate Lewis, Kathie Olivas, Katie Lukes, Laura Catherwood, Liz Flores, Melissa Villarreal, Natalia Shaloshvili, Nez, Oscar Joyo, Pipsqueak Was Here!!!, Sergio Farfán, Shawnimals, Steve Seeley, Valeria Terrazas, Word to Mother, Z, and Zor Zor Zor