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        Tiptoe was born into the rough and tumble atmosphere of Chicago. He is an artist who has participated in the Street Art movement on a global scale. His work has appeared throughout the United States as well as the Street Art Meccas of: Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, among others.

        Tiptoe came into his own as he danced through the labyrinths of urbanism during the wee hours of the morning. The work rides the line between darkness and light, chaos and control, self-destruction and self-manifestation. It worships the metamorphosis of an urban landscape as a meditation, while harnessing the beast within to navigate the complex urban life.

        Tiptoe now lives and works somewhere in the depths of New York City. His work has been profiled in various publications including, but not limited to: Chicago Street Art;; and He has exhibited in Chicago, New York, Boston, LA, Kansas City, and Brazil.