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The Simple Good/City of Big Dreams 2017

The Building Hope Project is a combined effort from Heart of a Thousand Hills and The Simple Good. Together they not only hope to provide an improved educational environment but also plant the seed for hope and healing by introducing art programming to empower the under-served children of Rwanda.

In Fall 2016, they built two classrooms and implemented an art program which led up to a community mural representing Golden Drop School’s meaning of 'the simple good.' This led to allowing for additional students from the village to attend the school but also provided beautification, upliftment and empowerment throughout the artistic process of creating the mural.

In Fall 2017, the goal is to implement a beautification project which provides the basic needs of the students to have a sustainable educational environment. This will undergo building a proper washroom, a safe playground for the students to play and implement murals inside and outside of the school to fuel positivity, creativity and vibrancy for the community.

The goal is to raise $10,000 by July 2017 in order to:

  • Build a clean bathroom for students to use
  • Provide school materials
  • Teach art programming to the youth
  • Build a safe playground in front of the school for kids to play in vs stones and bricks
  • Implement murals inside and outside of the school to provide vibrancy and creativity for the learning environment

Help us with this incredible project. All donations will be mailed a donation receipt and certificate.


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