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        The Economics of Art 2013

        At a unique time in art history, when art is for sale on more mediums in more places than ever before, Vertical Gallery is opening a new group show called The Economics of Art 2013, August 3 – 31, 2013.

        The Economics of Art 2013 endeavors to dispel the sometimes confusing world of art prints by offering art prints directly next to their original works. Curated by Ben Schuman-Stoler and Patrick Hull, in partnership with Thumbtack Press.

        The show features a broad range of work by 13 artists from around the world, including Chicago artists Dmitry Samarov, Ian Ferguson, Julie Murphy, Steve Seeley, and Jimmy Bunnyluv, along with Anthony Freda, Dave Pressler, David Cooper, El Gato Chimney, Hernan Paganini, Klub7, Raudiel Sanudo and Ruel Pascual.

        All artwork in the show will ship the week of September 1.