urban, contemporary & street art 


Stupid Krap is a world-class, online print house that works with both emerging and established Australian and international artists in creating limited edition, yet affordable, artworks for audiences both locally and internationally. Encompassing many styles and genres of creativity, we continue to support young artists through ongoing releases, innovative exhibitions and site-specific installations.

Since its inception in 2005, Stupid Krap has produced museum grade, signed and numbered, limited edition prints for such artists as Kill Pixie, Anthony Lister, Ben Frost, Numskull, Beastman, Kid Zoom, Michael Peck, HA-HA, E.L.K, Dmote, Askew, Bridge Stehli, Bec Winnel, Fintan Magee, Denial, TwoOne, Ghostpatrol and Mark Drew.

Vertical Gallery partnered with StupidKrap for our one-year anniversary show PAPER JAM. We have select prints from StupidKrap available in our gallery, or they may be purchased at www.stupidkrap.com
There are no products available at this time. Please contact the gallery for more information.
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