urban, contemporary & street art 

Sergio Farfan

Sergio Farfán blends the experiences from his hometown in Peru with the life he’s lived in Chicago to create works that focus on the struggles, dreams, and emotions that people go through in their life. Farfán began to draw as a form of therapy as he struggled through his anxiety. Whatever was troubling him or whenever he just wanted to forget what was going on in the world around him, he found refuge in his art and would draw his favorite cartoon characters he would see on TV.  

As he grew up, he noticed that other people had their own stories to tell which he related to and uses as inspiration. Farfán’s creative process comes from utilizing a range of mediums and integrating stylistic techniques from realism to abstraction to create his pieces. He has collaborated alongside companies such as Delta Airlines, Hudson Jeans, TEDx, and Farpoint Development, and has provided artwork for public and private events, some of which included Chad Smith, from the band “Red Hot Chili Peppers”, performing in front of his work to rapper Gucci Mane during Four Loko’s Lollapalooza pre-game party.


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