Vertical Gallery is open Thursday - Saturday, noon-5pm or by appointment.
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        Second Chance

        We are pleased to present “Second Chance: Found Objects Repurposed For A New Life”. “Second Chance” features 10 artists who take every day small-scale objects, many of which are usually disposed, and use them as the art medium, or within context of the work.Featuring: Ben Frost, My Dog Sighs, C215, Joseph Martinez, Simon WG Butler, Kim Alsbrooks, Dont Fret, Pixel Stud, Audrey Heller, and Maria Krouglianskaia.

        "Second Chance" will be open to the public June 1 - 29.

        All artwork purchased during the preview and exhibition will be shipped the week of July 1. Please call or email the gallery to make any special arrangements. (Tues - Sat 11a-6p, phone:773-697-3846), or email us at