urban, contemporary & street art 

Rene Gagnon

Rene GagnonRene Gagnon was born and raised in Fall River, Massachusetts, a dusty mill town rich in culture located about 45 minutes south of Boston. He started drawing graffiti on school book covers and piecing in railway tunnels in the early 80’s after seeing the movies, ”Wild Style” and “Beat Street”.  In 1986 he met a graffiti artist (STER) from the Bronx. Together they created his tag: SNO. Rene was considered to be the most widely recognized graffiti artist in Southeastern, MA from 1986-1993.

Now, through the use of urban media techniques he used as a teenager, a newfound love for creating street art, and the need to create abstract work, Rene is attempting to bridge the gap between urban graffiti/street art and contemporary abstract expressionism. He has exhibited at 941 Geary in San Francisco, Black Book Gallery in Denver, Thinkspace in LA, as well as in Reno, Boston, London, Philadelphia and Tokyo.


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