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Pali is a fine art trained graffiti artist who loves illustration and character design. Born in 1971 he picked up his first spray can in 1983. By 1986 Pali had got together with some school friends and began a Graffiti crew called The Essex Rockerz. They still paint together all these years on. Pali went to Art College in Hull and Nottingham where he earned a Fine Art BA Hons. Currently working full time as an artist and illustrator, Pali occasionally volunteers for a youth organization called Art is the Cure, where he teaches young people how to be creative with spray paint and make their own street art. His work reflects influences from his life. Television cartoons from his childhood, Graffiti and the Hip Hop culture of his teens and both figurative drawing and mark making from his time spent at Art College. He enjoys engaging the viewer with a fun sense of adventure with an underlying narrative and creating a dialogue between the painting and the environment it sits in.

Pali currently lives in London were he enjoys the ever growing Graffiti and Street Art scene.



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