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        Louis Reith

        Louis Reith is a Dutch artist and graphic designer born in 1983 who lives and works in Amsterdam. After his first college years in AKI ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design in Enschede, he worked as a designer at an advertising agency in Antwerp, Belgium. He became influenced by the Belgian illustration scene and started drawing graphic based illustrations. In 2007, he moved back to The Netherlands. Since then, he divides his time between his Art & Crossmedia studies, working as a freelance graphic designer on commercial projects and exhibiting his works in different group shows. Louis Reith’s works show an interest in printed matter, book design and handicraft Reith creates drawings, collages, paintings and installations. Personal reminiscences and natural themes are translated into abstract compositions that play with the contrast between the mechanical and the natural and that balance the abstract and the figurative.

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