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Louis Masai "MEAT my Friends"

Vertical Gallery is very proud to present ‘MEAT my Friends,’ an interactive solo exhibition featuring British painter, muralist and sculptor Louis Masai.


‘MEAT my Friends' assembles 13 new paintings of varying sizes, all on reclaimed wood, alongside a series of hand-painted vintage lithographs. This one-of-a-kind exhibit also features a custom-built chicken-coop installation titled ‘What came first?’ complete with webcam-enabled, remote-control chickens — developed by Louis in collaboration with artist and creative engineer RoboJ — letting viewers experience the show and explore the gallery setting in real time from the comforts of home. Details to sign-up for a time will be available soon.

Louis renders this menagerie of cows, chickens and even exotic animals as images he calls “patchwork quilt toys” — brightly colored, dazzlingly intricate patches, inspired by world fabrics and popular culture. “These paintings are based off toys. I try to make the animals look like they’ve been stuffed with fibers, and that a kid could give them a big hug,” Louis says. “It’s my warning: if you don’t conserve and look after these species, there won’t be any rhinos anymore. All that will be left is a toy — a souvenir, or a relic.”

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Louis Masai
MEAT my Friends
May 1 – 22, 2021
Opening day: Saturday May 1, 11a-6p
Vertical Gallery, 1016 N. Western Ave., Chicago

All work can be picked up, or will ship, at the end of the exhibition.
Email us at sales@verticalgallery.com or call us at 773-697-3846 if you have any questions.


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