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Joseph Renda Jr

Joseph Renda Jr (b.1995) is a Chicago-based artist whose paintings capture the inherent connection humans have with the natural world. His work is highly realistic, bringing detailed depictions to life by juxtaposing them alongside surrealistic imagery. He urges his audience to surrender to nature’s “pull” and connect with their roots while viewing his paintings.

Inspired by leaders in surrealism including Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte, Renda often depicts the human form interwoven with illusive natural elements. His use of classical oil painting methods combined with modern mediums, such as spray paint, provide his work with a distinct combination of old and new artistic techniques. Some of his pieces are transferred to large scale outdoor murals, placing his work alongside its most significant inspiration—the outside world.

Renda earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in oil painting from the American Academy of Art. He is represented by Chicago’s Vertical Gallery, curated and shown in numerous group exhibitions both national and internationally, created public murals, and has had his work published in magazines such as New York’s Creative Bloch.

Solo Shows:
"Biophilia", June 6 - 27, 2020 - VIEW FULL EXHIBITION

VIEW "Biophilia" IN 3D


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