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Greg Gossel - Superficial!

Vertical Gallery is proud to present Superficial!, a new solo exhibition by Minneapolis-based artist Greg Gossel, featuring over 30 new original works on canvas, wood, and paper.

Continuing to explore his signature mixed-media pop aesthetic, Gossel deconstructs and rebuilds a vast expanse of vintage comic book imagery for Superficial!. Iconic superheroes are broken into fragments and placed within a new chaotic world of type, color, and pattern as they wage battle. This battle for supremacy is mimicked throughout Gossel's process as each layer of spray paint, silkscreen ink, and collage fight one another to be seen on the heavily layered surfaces. Bold and brightly colored versions of once invincible superheroes succumb to the effects of time and begin to fade away, resembling decayed billboards of an idyllic past gone by. The end result is a dynamic exhibition that begs the question of what lies beneath the surface.

Greg Gossel Superficial!
October 4 - November 1, 2014 ***Now extended until November 8th!***
Opening reception with artist Saturday, Oct 4, 6-10pm
1016 N Western Avenue, Chicago

All work purchased from this show, with the exception of the print edition, will ship at the end of the exhibition the week of November 3.

Contact Patrick at Vertical Gallery if you have any questions.

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