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        Elian Chali

        Elian is a contemporary artist from Argentina whose work is best characterized by the close dialogue with the environment in which they are created. he was fifteen when he started painting in the streets with his friends. He studied graphic design but doesn’t have a particular affection towards “institutions”.

        Elian Chali‘s murals, with their bold colors, clear-cut shapes and flat surfaces, immediately grab your attention. His aesthetics are inspired by the Pop-Art, minimalism, Russian constructivism, and neoplasticism. Through his work, the artist seeks to open a discussion that goes from the social problems to the poetry of the habitat in which he creates. Always working with a sketch in hand, Elian’s art has evolved from 3D graffiti to flat images. His works are composed through basic geometry and abstraction, and influenced by architecture, climate, and the current socio-political situations.

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