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        El Gato Chimney

        El Gato Chimney was born in 1981 in Milan, where he currently lives and works. He started his career as a self-taught artist and developed an early interest in graffiti, which led him to pursue a successful journey into street art. He still cites street art as one of his inspirations (along with steampunk culture and surrealism) but as the years went by, he acquired new knowledge and technical skills, and his art went through some changes that instigated an introspective project to depict immaterial things, such as emotions and inner visions.

        His research ranges over a wide variety of subjects, such as alchemy, ancient and modern art, magic, mirabilia, occultism, popular folklore, spiritualism, and tribal art. These studies make El Gato Chimney particularly fond of the artistic movements of the 9th and 10th centuries, but his poetics and his vision belong to the 21st century.

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