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Dave Pressler "Blown Up Again"

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Dave Pressler (Los Angeles)

Blown Up Again, 2013

Oil on wood skate deck

Signed by Dave Pressler


20% of proceeds of all skate decks sold go to the Chicago-based non-profit The Simple Good. This board will ship the week of November 25 after the opening of our holiday skate deck show "Deck The Halls". Please email (info@verticalgallery.com) or call (773-697-3846) if you have any questions.


About Dave:

Dave Pressler is a Los Angeles artist and character designer who has used sculpture and illustration to fuse two of his primary passions: the world of fine art and the world of pop entertainment. In the past 16 years, he has designed characters and created worlds for companies such as Kid?s WB, Nelvana, Disney Jetix, Fox Kids Network, Wild Brain, and The Jim Henson Company to name a few. Dave created the visual design for the distinctive look of "The Save-Ums", the Emmy nominated CGI adventure for preschoolers airing in the United States on The Learning Channel and Discovery Kids. He designed the characters and co-created the show Team Smithereen, a slapstick puppet comedy sporting bone-crushing stunts performed by the worst "extreme action" team in TV history. Currently, Dave is the Executive Producer and Co-Creator of Robot & Monster a new CG animated show for Nickelodeon.



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