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        Brad Novak "Princess" Prints

        Brad Novak (aka New Blood Pop) is a leading urban artist who is continuing to rise rapidly, with a significant international fan-base, and a cutting edge body of work sitting sharply at the nexus between fine art and street art.

        Celebrating the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode 7 (The Force Awakens), artist Novak has launched a series of pop culture mashups based on everyone's favorite intergalactic royal... "Princess Leia is a true hero - brave, smart, and a strong female character standing out in a traditionally male-dominated genre. A role model for both women and men alike - Never STOP Dreaming"

        8 character designs, 12 color ways, ONLY 5 pieces (very limited) in each edition! Premium-quality limited edition 2-colour screen print on Italian Fabriano fine art paper (300gsm). Paper size is 350mm x 470mm. Individually numbered, named and signed by the artist.

        4 Characters available now:
        Princess Bowie (David)
        Princess Spock (Leonard Nimoy)
        Princess Bruce (Lee)
        Princess Mr T (BA Baracus)

        4 Characters coming soon:
        Princess Michael (Jackson)
        Princess Wolverine (Hugh Jackman)
        Princess Lincoln (US President)
        Princess Ali (Mohammed Ali)

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