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Anthony Lister "Adventure Painter" Signed

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Anthony Lister

Adventure Painter

Hardcover book

9 x 12 in.

Signed by Anthony Lister

Adventure Painter contains a compelling, action-packed mix of Anthony Lister's gallery work and outdoor paintings. With an international following and a general disregard for borders, this prolific street artist and painter has managed to marry the empathy and abjection of 20th century figuration with the irreverence of the street. Born in and currently working out of Australia, the thrust of his work is equally informed by Bacon and Schiele, his children's drawings and the Chapman brothers. Adventure Painter documents Lister s physical and intellectual travels as he s explored themes ranging from flawed superheroes to characters portraying classical mythology s pop equivalents, with recent work segueing into feminine iconography and ballet as an extreme sport. His contradictory, often carnivalesque, layered action paintings have hung on the walls of solo exhibitions at galleries in Sydney, Miami, New York, Toronto and Melbourne.

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