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        Bianca Pastel "Binky Inna Bottle" Print Release

        Vertical Gallery is pleased to release "Binky Inna Bottle", the new print from Bianca Pastel.

        “This piece is very personal to me, it is the exploration of caring for my inner child through self-expression. Throughout my life I’ve had trouble expressing myself and communicating my emotions in a way that is effective. Oftentimes I end up feeling misunderstood, invisible or trapped inside a glass bottle of my emotions. It feels as though people can see me but they can’t hear me."

        "I think children feel just as deeply as adults but don't have the verbal communication to express it. I use Binky as a muse to express myself and what I’m feeling as a way to heal my inner child and also connect with youth who may share similar struggles. A lot of us grew up in spaces where it wasn't ok to be sad or to just be and now our emotions are bottled up in unhealthy ways. Through this piece I want to communicate that you are seen and heard.” – Bianca Pastel

        Bianca Pastel is a Chicago-based artist who envisioned a career in art since the age of 5. Her biggest influences behind her work derive from 90's movies/cartoons, Art Deco, photography, and music.  Bianca studied art and design at Columbia College and her experience ranges from doing album covers and children’s book illustration, to animation and graphic design.  Her goal with her work is not only to have fun, but also to remind people of childhood memories and provide her audience a feeling of nostalgia.

        Limit of one print per person.