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Fernando Chamarelli "INANNA (Inanna)"


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Fernando Chamarelli

INANNA (Inanna), 2013

Acrylic on canvas

47 ¼” x 33 ½”, 120 x 85 cm


The Sumerian cosmogony tells us that Inanna is the daughter of a someone very particular: she is the daughter of the Moon God, ruler of the heavens, with Ningal Goddess, Goddess of vegetation, so embodying a union between heaven and earth. More than one union, this configures the second sacred marriage that has news on Sumerian religion (the first took place between Heaven - Anu, and earth - Ki) show that sexual energy was the source of the creative power of the Gods. This union (between Nanna and Ningal), had as important fruits two Gods: Inanna (eldest) and his twin brother Shamash.

We know that the moon has great influence on the vegetation, and hence appears as Goddess Inanna in the FERTILITY: Fertility of the soil , from the folds and folds, plantations and wetlands, finally she governs fertility in all these areas (which does not mean say it is Goddess of these domains, not that it is the only fertility ). Once again bumped to the maxima of the energy generating sexual energy x.

Fertility PROS Sumerians equals sexual energy and that is exactly why there are temples dedicated will love to Inanna – to keep the land fertile and to do what God Nanna wants to join more and more to Earth , impregnate her and produce fruit, to make it fill the tides and thus irrigate the land for planting ... all this is great dating !


(Please note that this painting will ship stretched in continental USA, and unstretched in a tube everywhere else. Please contact us for shipping cost if you prefer canvas stretched.)

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