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Fernando Chamarelli "CONSCIÊNCIA CÓSMICA (Cosmic consciousness)"


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Fernando Chamarelli

CONSCIÊNCIA CÓSMICA (Cosmic consciousness), 2013

Acrylic on canvas

33 ½” x 47 ¼”, 85 x 120 cm

About this painting from Fernando:

“The individual awarded the cosmic consciousness is the encounter with the creative force and its indescribable power, experiences and sensations. It is difficult to explain or interpret by verbal language, but who embody his conscience by expanding it and creating the perception of it in your own reality where the logical view of the world, created by the integration between the frontal lobes of the brain and the cortex is disconnected. However, staying for a few seconds or a few hours in a state of cosmic consciousness does not mean that the individual will be omniscient, infallible, or an example of constant attitudes copies . This is because the cosmic consciousness is a process that after being unleashed by some event or the sum of several events will continue to evolve; sometimes gradually, sometimes more quickly , and even with occasional pause , to be assimilated the changes in the new way of perceiving reality that lurks behind the mirage. It is, therefore, a continuous process of refinement of moral and spiritual values ​​and its harmonization with the matter.

Try to reach the cosmic experience through techniques of consciousness expansion , of no avail without first having interior changes . It is necessary to change the way you perceive and live life so that we can enter in more subtle dimensions of existence, where the matter is no longer a prison for the spirit . And the fuel to make the journey of transformation of the self into cosmic consciousness is Infinite Love.”

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