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        Alex Yanes

        Whimsical and yet relatable, Alex Yanes' art embodies innovative use of color and imaginative subject matter and speaks to collectors and new art lovers, alike. His work is now a staple in Miami's Wynwood art district and he looks forward to taking his art across the U.S. and internationally, with a recent solo show in New York, participating in "Assemble" in at Vertical Gallery in Chicago, and upcoming shows planned in California, Germany, The United Kingdom, Australia and Brazil.

        “My generation was raised on cartoons, graffiti and tattoos, it’s what we consider fine art”, stated Yanes at Unbreak Miami’s cultural event, where he has displayed work.

        Along with vivid colors, Alex uses bold outlines to define his intricate figures. His most recent works are multi-media, three dimensional images. This process consists of drawing then cutting the image out of masonite board using a jig saw. Once they are cut, the individual pieces of the puzzle are sanded and painted using a mixture of acrylic, spray enamel and air brush. Finally, the pieces are attached to a background in multiple layers, revealing the completed painting. This approach enables the artist to achieve a “Pop out book” type of effect on a much larger scale. “My Father and Grandfather taught me how to use power tools when I was a kid. I built skateboard ramps and tree house forts, I’m very grateful for that. It’s very fulfilling to incorporate what they taught me into my art, all these years later.”

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