Vertical Gallery and Vertical Project Space are currently closed while we're in Miami for the SCOPE Art Fair. Both will reopen Sat Dec 10.
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        AJ Ainscough

        Antonio J. Ainscough (AJ) is a painter based in Chicago, IL. His work explores his perspective of the human experience through use of cartooned figures. The influence of satirical material from his youth such as Garbage Pail Kids, Whacky Packages and Comix would entice him to study impressionistic and surrealistic imagery from artists like Philip Guston, Claude Monet and Rene Magritte. His vibrant brushstrokes and heavily textured borders infuse his subjects within an atmosphere that reenacts his experiences or to performs fictitious ones. AJ primarily works with oil and acrylic paints mixing in materials native to his location such as rocks, dirt, sand and coins to name a few.