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Ador is a French-based artist whose street art wall murals have created a buzz the past couple years. He has exhibited at Next Door Gallery in Geneva - Switzerland; Black Line Tattoo, Mallorca - Spain; Centre Intermondes et Faculté de La Rochelle (FLASH), La Rochelle - France; Street Control, Nantes - France, and others.

Ador is very active in the international wall festivals and has participated in Meeting Of Styles, Shenzhen - China; Over the Wall, with Le Voyage à Nantes, Nantes - France; Street Art Festival, Bratislava - Slovakia; Graffeurs au château, Tours - France; Can You rock, Montreal - Canada; and HipHop Session, Nantes - France.

About Ador and Semor's collaborations:

ADOR and SEMOR like telling stories with a vocabulary of their own making. Taken directly from their expanding context, extracts are oriented and their selection is precise. Whether one uses one’s own language or attempts to make elementary communication, their weekly meetings are the occasion to link and compare elements: indeed no one is spared. Ador and Semor's logic demands to be projected and is an invitation to tell stories in this, an era rich in exceptional phenomena.

Ador and Semor visited Chicago in May 2015. They completed 2 street murals and held a pop-up show at the gallery.


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