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Ador is a French-based artist whose street art wall murals have created a buzz the past couple years. He has exhibited at Next Door Gallery in Geneva - Switzerland; Black Line Tattoo, Mallorca - Spain; Centre Intermondes et Faculté de La Rochelle (FLASH), La Rochelle - France; Street Control, Nantes - France, and others.

Ador is very active in the international wall festivals and has participated in Meeting Of Styles, Shenzhen - China; Over the Wall, with Le Voyage à Nantes, Nantes - France; Street Art Festival, Bratislava - Slovakia; Graffeurs au château, Tours - France; Can You rock, Montreal - Canada; and HipHop Session, Nantes - France.

Ador and Semor visited Chicago in May 2015. They completed 2 street murals and held a pop-up show at the gallery. Ador has participated in numerous group shows at the gallery.


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