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Upcoming Shows

2020 Calendar of Events:

October 3 - 24: Pipsqueak Was Here!!! 'it’s all wrong, it’s allright…' Solo Exhibition
Opening day Saturday, October 3rd, 11a-6pm

October 3 - 17: Vertical Gallery presents Sergio Farfan "Looking for Dreams in a Kan of Soup" at Line Dot
Opening day Saturday, October 3rd, 11a-6p

November 7 - 28: Anders Gjennestad Solo Exhibition
Opening day Saturday, November 7th, 11a-6pm

December 1 - 26: SCOPE Art Fair @ Vertical Gallery
Featuring Martin Whatson, Alex Face, Mau Mau, Collin van der Sluijs, Joseph Renda Jr., David Heo

Vertical Gallery is closed December 27 - February 5. We will re-open on Saturday, February 6th.

2021 Calendar of Events:

February 6 - 27: "It Was All A Dream" Group Show curated by All Star Press.
Featuring Steve Seeley, Sergio Farfan, Sentrock, JC Rivera, Liz Flores, Cristi Lopez, Skewville, Billy Daggers, Pizza in the Rain, Curtis William Readel, and more.
Opening day Saturday, February 6th, 11a-6pm

March 6 - 27: Crop (Alex K Krueger) Solo Show
Opening day Saturday, March 6th, 11a-6pm

April 3 - 24: 8-Year Anniversary Group Show
Opening day Saturday, April 3rd, 11a-6pm


Please note that Vertical Gallery is closed 1-2 weeks prior to an exhibition. Please note dates that we are open for exhibitions above.


Email us at info@verticalgallery.com or call 773-697-3846 if you have any questions.

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