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        Whimsical, innocent, hopeful, poignant, playful, funny, free and infectious. Vertical Gallery is proud to present the debut USA exhibition for Ella and Pitr, “Le silence des pantoufles après la pluie” (“The silence of the slippers after the rain”), June 4-25, 2016. For 10 years, the French art duo has created a family of larger than life characters that resonate deeply with an ever-growing global audience. Much like their street work on parking lots, rooftops, school yards, and walls around the world, the impeccably drafted characters that inhabit their gallery work can barely be contained within the frame, bursting with life and love and purpose.  

        They have received international recognition for their street art projects. Their huge characters – giants, humans or animals – usually asleep, are sometimes not visible from the ground. When the characters painted in these unusual places, it gives the impression that the walls and borders keep them stuck where they are. There street work can be found in France, Italy, Canada, Portugal, Chile, and soon in the USA in Chicago. Come join us for this special exhibition to explore the world through the eyes of Ella & Pitr.

        Ella & Pitr
        “Le Silence Des Pantoufles Après La Pluie”
        (“The Silence of the Slippers After the Rain”)
        June 4-25, 2016
        Opening reception with artists Saturday, June 4, 6-10pm
        Vertical Gallery, 1016 N Western Ave., Chicago

        View artwork from the exhibition.